ABSTRACT: A rich planktonic foraminiferal assemblage including two new species, Globorotalia sinuososuturalis n. sp. and Paragloborotalia lefkaraensis n. sp., have been recorded in the uppermost part of the sedimentary cover of Troodos Massif, exposed in Northern Cyprus. The continuity of chalk and marl deposits throughout the Aquitanian-Langhian time interval, with an abundant and well diversified assemblage, has provided to establish a detailed biostratigraphic framework which can be generally comparable with the recent standard and regional zonations. The mabioevents defining the zonal boundaries are the LOs of Paragloborotalia kugleri and Catapsydrax dissimilis, the FOs of Globigerinoides bisphericus, Praeorbulina sicana, Praeorbulina glomerosa curva, Praeorbulina glomerosa glomerosa and Orbulina suturalis. Quantitative planktonic foraminiferal analyses performed on two studied sections have allowed to determine several secondary bioevents for the latest Aquitanian-early Burdigalian time interval. They are in stratigraphical order, the FOs of Globigerinoides altiaperturus and Globigerinoides trilobus, the LO of Globigerinoides primordius, the FOs of Paragloborotalia acrostoma and Globigerinoides subquadratus, the LO of Globoquadrina praedehiscens and finally the FO of Globigerinella praesiphonifera. On the basis of the biostratigraphic and quantitative data, it has been concluded that the FO of Globigerinoides subquadratus, within the Globigerinoides altiaperturus/Catapsydrax dissimilis Zone spanning a long interval in the Mediterranean region, may be a correlative bioevent. Therefore, Globigerinoides subquadratus/Catapsydrax dissimilis Concurrent Range Zone has been proposed for the upper part of this zonal interval in order to improve the biostratigraphic resolution of the Burdigalian. Furthermore, the evolutionary lineage of genus Praeorbulina, which ranges from Praeorbulina sicana to Orbulina suturalis via Praeorbulina glomerosa subspecies, has been recognized in the studied sequence. Thus, Langhian interval has been subdivided into Praeorbulina sicana Zone, Praeorbulina glomerosa curva Subzone, Praeorbulina glomerosa glomerosa Subzone and Orbulina suturalis Zone.