ABSTRACT: Development Phase II of the Digital Integrated Stratigraphy Project (DISP) includes the production of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) (DISP Tools) that allows users to access a previously produced 3D photorealistic model of an outcrop in order to log stratigraphic data directly onto the 3D model. The ability to interact with a 3D photorealistic model of an outcrop in the field or lab provides multiple opportunities for analysis of the stratigraphy being examined and provides long-term data archive capacity for stratigraphic information such as sample position, lithostratigraphic boundary picks, and field notes. The DISP Tools developed here enable the user to interact with the digital outcrop via a laptop or field PC and information added will, in the future, be able to be saved to a central DISP database. This report serves as a demonstration of the potential capacity of the end-user interface that will accompany the DISP, modeled on the Silurian stratigraphy of Measley Ridge, Ohio. A prototype of the GUI was field tested at the IGCP 591 2nd Annual Meeting and 1st Foreste Symposium in July 2012.